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8 bits of bun

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September 17, 2021, 18:01


If you need some inspiration, think outside the box.

Like literally, walk around a forest in the nature or something, get new impressions of your surroundings, try a new route to go along if you go out walking.

Most ideas and inspiration grow out of new impressions and situations.

Also, don't take your phone with you (or put it away and on silent) so you get some rest and can relax, this helps alot, plus it is good for one's mental health.

Just some things i am doing lots when i am out of ideas, it surely helps, upon returning from my walk and head full of ideas, i make a note of every idea and ditch the weirdest/crazy ideas out, just to be realistic in my idea flow.

Out of the ideas that remain, i usually think for a few minutes: "Can i help at least some other people?" if no: rethink if it benefits you. if so: go for it!