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Fave projects

Projects i really like, support and want to share with others go in here.

This section is for my own recommendations and interesting stuff i decided to write about.

All opinions are my own.

Embedded hardware
Teensy 4.0

NXP RT1062 based makerboard

with a very fast processor, outperforming

the first generation of Raspberry Pi's

nicely in numbercrunching.


Why do i write on this: Cheap for a bare

metal maker/tinker board with decent

compute & superb software&library support.

Knowing the teensy ecosystem myself

(from Teensy++ 2.0 to Teensy 3.6),

it's a solid base on getting decent MCU

projects done.

ESP32 based WiFi phone
for hackers and makers.

Why: It's a decent ecosystem
to use for a mobile VOIP system.

It might be expensive, but it has
a entensive R&D put into it,
which isn't cheap either, though
well worth it in my eyes.

Free VST plugins (for DAW software)

SHEPPi spatial enhancer (free)

32bit only VST effect


Nice stereo width enhancer

Is able to create extra depth.

This VST is licenced as:
CC BY-NC-SA 3.0:
Licence page


Original website link:

VST backup link:

Sanford Reverb (free)

32&64bit VST effect


To me one of the top
tier free Reverbs.


This VST is licenced as:

(unknown for now)



Original website link



VST backup link:


Raspberry Pi related

Some Raspberry Pi related projects i honestly love.